Chile Repellent Licensed, Feb. 1, 2001

SOCORRO, N.M., February 1, 2001 -- Dr. Daniel H. López, president of New Mexico Tech, today announced that Global Source Advantage, Inc. (GSA) has licensed the patent owned by the New Mexico Tech Research Foundation that creates environmentally sensitive animal and insect repellents using chile peppers. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

GSA is a fully integrated, international farming, extraction, and marketing firm with headquarters in California and pepper farming operations in several Central American countries.

The process which was discovered and patented by scientists at New Mexico Tech, allows capsaicin, the natural heat of chile peppers, to be molecularly bonded into paints, stains, plastics, and other rubberized materials, thus creating a wide range of repellents.

Research conducted by New Mexico Tech and other independent, third-party scientific teams has proved the chile-based repellents to be effective in protecting against rodents and other mammals, termites and other insects, various wood-boring birds, freshwater and saltwater aquatic pests, plus various snails and reptiles.

"GSA is in a fine position to take this patent to the market," said Dr. López. "Their experience in growing Habañero pepper ensures a quality raw material for the extraction process, so that a consistent product can be delivered to the many end users who have expressed an interest in utilizing our patented process."

GSA currently provides Habañero products for the food and personal protection industries.

Jeff DeVaney, president of GSA, said, "We are very excited to own the exclusive license on this patented process. We believe we are now uniquely positioned to provide our extract on a worldwide basis and directly assist in eliminating many of the potentially harmful chemicals used today for repellent purposes.

"And, that means improvements for everyone," he added.




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