Tech Honors Employees, Retirees At Annual Banquet

SOCORRO, N.M. December 21, 2010 – New Mexico Tech honored employees who have retired or reached milestones in their tenure with the university during a special banquet at Macey Center on Thursday, December 16.

University President Dr. Daniel H. Lopez welcomed the honored guests, thanked them for their service and presented each person with a special gift.
The Class of 2010 New Mexico Tech retirees.
University President Dr. Daniel Lopez handed out the gifts to those in attendance. Above, Dr. Lopez with 35-year employee Louise Chamberlin.
The 30-year honorees
The 25-year honorees
The 20-year honorees
Those celebrating 15 years of service
The 10-year employees
All photos by Thomas Guengerich

Lopez said he especially appreciates that employees are faced with increasingly difficult situations -- with hiring freezes, wage freezes and increased cost of benefits. He said that he will continue to battle for increased state funding for universities during the 2011 legislative session. He also assured employees that he will champion efforts to find an equitable solution to the deficit in the Educational Retirement Board funding.

The Human Resources Department organizes the event each winter to recognize the contributions and dedication of faculty and staff members. The gifts to employees were Nambe ware, each piece of increasing size based on the years of service.


Reiter, Marshall (44 years of service)
Crespin, Ruben (35)
Telles, Tony (35)
Olguin, Debby (33)
Eveleth, Robert (32)
Werbelow, Lawrence (30)
Chamberlin, Richard (30)
Gundiler, Ibrahim (30)
Johnson, Dave (30)
Romero, Paul (30)
Chavez, Charles (Carlo) (30)
Aragon, Theresa (28)
Zamora, Raymond (28)
Piworunas, Raymond (27)
Greene, Estella    (27)
Lawson, Leroy (26)
Gonzales, Ted (26)
Torres, Ronald (25)
Hedges, Kathy (25)
Kieft, Sandy (25)
Carbajal, Raymond  (25)
Terrazas, Ramon (25)
Edwards, Mary (23)
Montoya, Mary Lou (22)
Gonzales, Climaco (20)
Teufel, Lawrence (17)
Fazio, Barbara (15)
Mora, Gerald (14)
Anderson, Jan (12)
Vaiza, Ray (12)
Hogge, Charles B. (7)
Hensley, Michael (9)

40 Years of Service
Condie, Kent

35 Years of Service
Chamberlin, Louise

30 Years of Service
Gonzales, Perfecto
Love, David
Hoffman, Gretchen
McLemore, Virginia

25 Years of Service
Chavez, William Jr.
Cather, Martha
Lopez, Daniel
Goranson, David
Rivera, Martin
Kieft, Thomas
Stone, William
Taylor, Jessy

20 Years of Service
Mojtabai, Navid
Gurule, Camille
McIntosh, William
Farnum, Robert
Harvey, Kent
Gonzales, Charles
Gonzales, Gilbert
Sanchez, Barbara
Welch, Susan
Anselmo, Peter
Hendrickx, Jan
Mozley, Peter
Gonzales, Gilbert M.

15 Years of Service
Elaine DeBrine Howell
Gallegos, Daniel
McCraw, David
Reiss, Rebecca
Kerr, Gilbert
Wilks, Maureen
Hartwell, George
Topliff, Michael
Green, George
Archuleta, Mary
Ortiz, Melissa
Santillanes, Carla
Romero, Van
Adams, Helen Jane

10 Years of Service
Heath, Susan
Stuteville, Judith
Eack, Kenneth
Colbaugh, Richard
Young, Lisa
Annine Gabaldon Sanchez    
Aafloy, Emma
Monette, Marliss
Chavez, Nathan
Scholle, Ulmer Dana
Jones, Daniel
Chavez, Regina
Greschke, Robert
Evitt, Lilly
Trivitt, Amy
Kaus, Annette
Wingenter, Oliver
Hockensmith, Christa
Dezember, Mary
Jojola, Andrea
Avramidi, Valentina
Irion, Thomas
Gerity, Peter
Chavez, Michael
Wallace, Debra
Steinhoff, Edith
Silva, Chris
Teare, Scott
Romero, Mario

NOTE: Not all honorees attended the banquet.

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By Thomas Guengerich/New Mexico Tech