49ers Rugby Video Now Online

SOCORRO, N.M. December 3, 2010 -- In cooperation with New Mexico Tech Distance Education Studios, the New Mexico Tech Rugby Club has made the match video of the 25th annual Black and Blue alumni game available for public viewing on Youtube.

The evening match pitting the undergraduate Pygmy team against the Ancestors graduate side went down to the wire during the 49ers celebration on Friday, Oct. 22.

The alumni fielded a strong side in 2010, determined to reverse a three-year string of losses to their younger counterparts. The Ancestor roster boasted five recipients of the Jeremiah Wright Cup, awarded each spring to Tech's outstanding rugby player in honor of the former Pygmy captain who died during his senior year in 2002. Past legends taking the pitch for the old boys were Mark Kelly (#17), Rob Harrison (#10), Seth Daly (#9), and Jay Herrera (#11), with Matt Majors providing learned support from the sideline.

The oldest Ancestor playing was Karl Grassl, who graduated before records were kept.

The Pygmies were led by senior head captain Royce Beaudry (#12). Facing each other in the scrums were former Student Association President Dylan Merrigan (#16) and incumbent SA chair Joaquin Roibal (#4). The Pygmies' Man of the Match Cup was won in this match by halfback James Fallt (#9).

The video, complete with commentary by Tech coach Dave Wheelock in its 80-minute entirety. If you absolutely can't stand the suspense, fast forward to 1:34:30 (1 hour, 34 minutes, and 30 seconds) to hear the final score.

For a quick primer on the rules of rugby, watch this video

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By Dave Wheelock/ Tech Rugby Director