Students Show Off Their Halloween Costumes

FIDEL CENTER, U.S.A. Halloween 2010 – More than 50 students and a dozen staff members donned inventive attire for the annual costume contest in the Fidel Center atrium on Friday, October 29.
Students gather in the Fidel Center atrium for the official judging of the 2010 Halloween Costume Contest.

The top three student awards were swept by pairs, while the Tech Gym staff again took the top prize in the staff contest. Last year’s recreation of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” complete down to dance moves, was hard to beat. However, the crew from the gym took top honors with their Flintstone costumes and vehicle.

Student Winners
  • Grand Prize: Elle and Carl (Jessie Morris and Brandon Romero)
  • First Place: Barbie and Theresa Barbie (Victoria Ramirez and Samantha Pfeiffer)
  • Second Place: Batman and Robin (Justine Davidson and Erika Peters)
  • Third Place: The Mad Hatter (Teddy Sonnenfeld)
Staff Winners
  • Grand Prize: Flintstones (Melissa Begay, Annine Gabaldon, Riis Sanchez and Jenn Garcia)
  • First Place: Saw: The Movie (Carl McDermott and Mike from Chartwells)
  • Second Place: Nanny McPhee (Moni Apodaca)
  • Third: Lucille Ball (Vicky Gonzalez)
2010halloweencostumecontestDSC_0301 2010halloweencostumecontestDSC_0373
Each student entrant paraded around the atrium for the judges and fellow students The Tech Gym again took the grand prize in the staff competition.
2010halloweencostumecontestDSC_0317 2010halloweencostumecontestDSC_0322
Jessie Morris and Brandon Romero -- inspired by "Up." SpongeBob SquarePants made an appearance
2010halloweencostumecontestDSC_0366 2010halloweencostumecontestDSC_0323
Will the real Dave Wheelock please stand up? Enrique Koerdell channels his inner rugby coach and proves what everyone already knows -- that one Dave Wheelock just isn't enough. Students wait their turn to impress the judges.

2010halloweencostumecontestDSC_0338 2010halloweencostumecontestDSC_0343
The second floor was packed with spectators from the staff and student body who were getting a bird's eye view.
2010halloweencostumecontestDSC_0326 2010halloweencostumecontestDSC_0325
 Creative constumes abounded, making the judges' job difficult  This year's cast of characters included a few macabre faces
2010halloweencostumecontestDSC_0329 2010halloweencostumecontestDSC_0336
Batman and Robin, aka Erika Peters and Justine Davidson A few students come as a cast of characters
2010halloweencostumecontestDSC_0296 2010halloweencostumecontestDSC_0359
Students filled the atrium over the Friday lunch hour The stairwell was packed with viewers with cameras.