49ers Saturday - Zombies On Parade

SOCORRO, N.M. October 23, 2010 -- Zombies of all sorts were on display Saturday during the 49ers annual parade on California Street.

The Student and University Relations float won the New Mexico Tech category and was named the grand champion. The SUR float featured the cast from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" performing the dance routine from the original video for the judges on the Plaza.

The results:
New Mexico Tech
1. Student and University Relations
2. The Glamorous Zombies

Community  Floats
1. Socorro Community Theater
2. Early Childhood Development
3. Gilbert Peralta

1. Little Miss Rodeo
2. County Fair Queen
3. State Fair Queen

1. Carlos Carillo
2. Pauline Jaramillo
3. Bob Eveleth, parade grand marshal

Human-Powered Vehicles
1. Zombies on Wheels, Joaquin Roibal and the Student Association

49ersparade2010DSC_0292 49ersparade2010DSC_0298
49ersparade2010DSC_0305 Untitled-1 49ersparade2010DSC_0307
49ersparade2010DSC_0321 49ersparade2010DSC_0322
49ersparade2010DSC_0326 49ersparade2010DSC_0350
49ersparade2010DSC_0366 49ersparade2010DSC_0379
49ersparade2010DSC_0386 49ersparade2010DSC_0391
49ersparade2010DSC_0398 49ersparade2010DSC_0410
49ersparade2010DSC_0448 49ersparade2010DSC_0455
49ersparade2010DSC_0464 49ersparade2010DSC_0315

Photos by Thomas Guengerich/New Mexico Tech