Wells Hall Staff Participates In ‘Lockdown Drill’

SOCORRO, N.M. October 13, 2010 – The Emergency Response Team at New Mexico Tech will conduct a brief “lockdown drill” at Wells Hall on Tuesday, Oct. 26.

The staff members who work in Wells Hall will be instructed to recreate a “lockdown” at 9 a.m. The drill is intended to simulate the reaction to a crisis situation. They will lock themselves in their offices or suites.

Glenda Chavez, campus emergency response director, said the exercise is intended to ascertain how quickly employees can effectively lockdown their building.

“We want to make sure that people are able to get into office and secure their room or their work space for their personal safety,” Chavez said.

She said the drill is first of its kind on campus and will be conducted at other office buildings across campus. Other safety drills for employees will follow, which are part of the university’s master safety plan.

The drill will only last five minutes. Wells Hall will open to regular business at about 10 a.m. that day.

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By Thomas Guengerich/New Mexico Tech