Boil Water Order Lifted As of Noon Monday

SOCORRO, N.M. July 19, 2010 -- After extensive monitoring of the City of Socorro water supply, the state Environmental Department lifted the boil water order at noon Monday.

SOCORRO, N.M. July 19, 2010 -- The state Environmental Department on Saturday, July 17, instructed the City of Socorro to issue a “boil water order” after E. coli was found at the Sedillo Spring well.

E. Coli is a bacterium that can cause food poisoning in humans. E. Coli was found during regular testing at the water source Sedillo Spring, which is one of five water sources used by the City of Socorro.

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Further testing showed no E. coli in the domestic water distribution system; however, the City has issued a boil water order for the entire town until the source tests clean.

Consumers of water at the Socorro Water System are advised to boil the water for five minutes before drinking, cooking, dishwashing and bathing. Most strains of E. coli are harmless and live in the intestines of healthy humans and animals. However, a positive test for E. coli in the drinking water supply may indicate the presence of dangerous strains of E. coli or other disease-causing organisms. These types of organisms may cause severe gastrointestinal illness and, in rare cases, death. Children, the elderly and immuno-compromised individuals are at an increased risk for illness.

Jim McLain, assistant director of Facilities Management at Tech, said the west and north sides of campus draw water from sources other than Sedillo Spring. The south side of the main campus draws water from Sedillo Spring.

The NMED Drinking Water Bureau will provide technical assistance to the water system and will test the water until no further threat of contamination remains.

For more information, call NMED Communications Director Marissa Stone Bardino at (505) 827-0314 or (505) 231-0475 or Mike Huber, Drinking Water Bureau Compliance Manager, at (505) 660-3834.

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