Hot Water Loop Construction Continues

SOCORRO, N.M. August 19, 2010 -- Construction update

Olive Lane: August 19    Trenching across street complete, street re-opened

Workman Center: week of August 23    Contractor will be filling trench in front, then pouring concrete, which will take several days

Gym: week of August 23    Digging for gas line to start

Fidel Center: week of August 23    Digging for electrical line to start on south side

Heat plant (between Driscoll & Fitch): week of August 23    Digging and dirt work to continue

South Hall: week of August 23    Filling hole on east side

Macey Center: Tuesday, August 24    Trenching to start at front of building and will proceed south for sewer line to new Children’s Center, to be complete by end of week.  South parking lot will be closed for loop construction prior to the start of construction of the

Children’s Center: start by November 1, 2010.

SOCORRO, N.M. August 5, 2010 -- The hot water loop construction project is proceeding on schedule, with significant work slated for the two weeks before the fall semester begins.

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The bulk of the construction work over the next two weeks is in Area 3 from Speare Hall to Workman Center and in Area 5 between Macey Center and Jones Annex and Jones Hall.

TLC Plumbing and Heating crews will be working in both areas simultaneously. One crew will be laying the main conduit in Area 3. That work is expected to be completed by August 1.

A second crew will be installing conduit across Olive Lane in Area 5. Vehicle traffic will be detoured through the Macey Center parking lot for much of the next two weeks. One line will be installed from the north side of the Macey Lot across Olive Lane towards Jones Annex. Another line will be installed form the south lot at Macey towards Jones Hall. Olive Lane is expected to be open by the beginning of the fall semester, which begins Monday, Aug. 23.

TLC crews will also be installing a bypass on Monday, Aug. 16. The water loop will be shut down temporarily that morning.
Bixby Electric crews are currently working in Area 2, in between the Skeen Library and Weir Hall.

SOCORRO, N.M. July 13, 2010 -- The construction of the new hot water loop continues in Area 2 through July. Two crews are working between MSEC and Weir Hall. One crew is connecting the main conduit to MSEC at the southwest corner of the building. Another crew is connecting the main conduit in Area 2 to the conduit in Area 1, which was completed in June. Other buildings in Area 1 will be tied into the new conduit in coming weeks as well.

The contractor will be digging between Weir and the library over the next two weeks, with concrete being poured in that area July 21 to 23.

An electrical crew will be installing poles, boxes and communications lines along Campus Drive for the next two weeks.

Mechanical crews will be installing heaters for the gym, Speare and Wells over the next couple of week as well.

The work will be conducted in phases to minimize disruptions in utility services.

  • Area 1 includes Fitch Hall, Driscoll Hall, Wells Hall, Brown Hall, Tech Gym and Cramer Hall, scheduled from February to June.
  • Area 2 includes Skeen Library, Weir Hall, MSEC, Speare Hall and ISD, scheduled from April to July.
  • Area 3 includes Jones Annex, Fidel Center and Workman, scheduled from June to September.
  • Area 4 includes the Gold Building and the PRRC, scheduled from August to October.
  • Area 5 includes Macey Center and Jones Hall, scheduled for October.
  • Area 6 includes West Hall, Presidents Hall and the SAC, scheduled for October to November.

The hot water loop provides both heat and hot water to all campus buildings. The system is outdated and has suffered many breakdowns in recent years. In 2009, the state legislature approved funding to replace the entire system.

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Thomas Guengerich/New Mexico Tech