Where Does Your Money Go?

Lee MasseymasseyleeDSC_0460

Mary Mann Scholarship Recipient


From:  Highland High School / Albuquerque

Major: Senior, Chemical Engineering, 3.94 current G.P.A.

Why New Mexico Tech: “I heard a lot of good things about Tech and they had the best scholarships.”

Plans after graduation:  “I plan to go into explosives development and work for a national lab or a government agency.”

“I want to say thanks a lot for the scholarship. I use the money for rent and groceries. Even though I still work, the money really helps me financially while attending school.”

Lee GagnongagnonleeDSC_0460

William M. Emilio Scholarship Recipient


From:  Albuquerque High School / Albuquerque

Major: Sophomore, Mineral Engineering and Mathematics, 3.45 current G.P.A.

Why New Mexico Tech: “Tech gave me what I was looking for as far as an engineering school. I have always wanted a challenge and Tech gives me that challenge.”

Plans after graduation:  “I am thinking about getting a master's and focusing on a certain field. I haven’t decided yet, but I’m leaning towards mining.  I just got an internship with Luminant in Tyler, Texas, where I will be doing mine planning.”

“I really do appreciate every dime I get. I come for a lower middle class family, so money has always been tight for me.  Without scholarships, I don’t think I would have this opportunity. I use the money to pay for my tuition. I really appreciate someone taking their hard-earned money to help someone reach their dreams and goals. "

Bobby Jamesjames_bobby_DSC_0377_copy_copy

Robert Schell Scholarship Recipient


From: Kirtland Central High School / Waterflow, N.M.

Major: Junior, Environmental Engineering, 3.5 current G.P.A.

Why New Mexico Tech:  “I wanted to come to Tech right out of high school but due to family issues I had to go to a tribal college.  I then transferred to Tech.  It was the best deal out of all the other schools and it is one of the best engineering schools.”

Plans after graduation:  “After graduation I want to get a position with the Navajo Nation as an environmental engineer and I would also like to give back to Diné College by helping out with research there.”

 “I am using the scholarship money for room and board right now. I am very grateful that the donations allow me to pursue my dreams and goals as well as my families. Thank you wouldn’t be enough. With the completion of my degree it will be money well spent.”

Loren Goodgood_loren_DSC_0376_copy_copy

Barbara & Cyril Perusek Scholarship Recipient


From: Amy Biehl High School / Albuquerque

Major: Senior, Information Technology, 3.2 current G.P.A.

Why New Mexico Tech:  “Tech gave me the best scholarships and I heard Tech had a better Computer Science program than the University of New Mexico. I also wanted the smaller classroom environment.”

Plans after graduation:  “I’m not sure what job I will be getting after graduation but I am hoping to get a job in database or network management.”

“The scholarship money helps pay for my tuition.  I would probably have to take out a loan if I didn’t have this scholarship support. Thanks!”

Maureen Moore-RothMoore-Roth_Maureen

Barkley Wyckoff Fellowship Recipient


From: A graduate of West Chester University in Pennsylvania, Moore-Roth earned a bachelor’s in geology and a bachelor’s of education in Earth and Space Science. After graduation from West Chester, she worked for two environmental engineering firms – URS Corp and O’Brien & Gere. She started as a staff geologist and was promoted to geologist within a year.

Major: Master's Student in Geology

Why New Mexico Tech: “I choose NMT because they teach applied science and are not solely academic driven.”

Education Plans: Moore-Roth plans on focusing her study on the occurrence, distribution, and hydrometallurgical characteristics of the minerals present in the copper enrichment profile at Copper Basin, Nev.

“I wouldn’t be here at Tech without this fellowship,” Moore-Roth said. “And since I got here, I’ve had some great opportunities. I attended the Society of Economic Geologists student dedicated field course, which allowed us to connect with professionals in industry and I also was able to attend the SEG national conference in Keystone, Colo.”

Natasha Stopastopa_natasha_DSC_0392_copy_copy

Bartlett Memorial Scholarship

From:  Alamogordo High School

Major: Junior, Biology, 3.97 current G.P.A.

Why New Mexico Tech: “It’s a really good school and financial reasons. It’s a pretty good deal.”

Plans after graduation: “I hope to graduate school, but haven’t decided where yet. I want to study neuroscience.”

“This scholarship has helped me pay for housing and food, since my tuition is already covered by the New Mexico Lottery Scholarship.”

Gina Nguyennguyen-gina-DSC_0379

Bartlett Memorial Scholarship

From:  Monzano High School/Albuqueruqe

Major: Senior, Biology and Psychology/ Minor in Chemistry, 3.67 current G.P.A.

Why New Mexico Tech: “It is a great science and research University.”

Plans after graduation: “I plan to continue school for an MD or PHD but right now I am leaning towards a PHD.”

“I am using the money for tuition right now. Without the money I wouldn’t be able to be as successful as I am so far. I would probably have to work if I didn’t have the scholarship money and that would add to my load.  I would not be able to solely focus on my academics.  So, thank you very much for your generosity!”