John Shipman Memorial Scholarship


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John W. Shipman Memorial Scholarship

The John W. Shipman Memorial Scholarship was created by John’s sister, Sally Breeden, as a means to honor her brother for his lifelong love of learning and in recognition of his many and varied achievements throughout his life.

After graduating from Hobbs (New Mexico) High School in 1966 at the age of 17 as a National Merit Scholarship finalist from New Mexico, John was awarded a Co-Op Scholarship to New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology in Socorro, New Mexico.  While in high school, and having been fascinated by the potential of computers, he was often known to have a FORTRAN text open inside his Calculus text in class – all the while having the ability to know exactly what was going on in both “worlds”.  As he started classes at NM Tech, he found his intellectual home with like-minded individuals and although at graduation in 1971 he had accepted a position at Hewlett-Packard in California where he lived for some ten years, Socorro was never far from his thoughts.  He returned to Socorro, bought a house and was a member of the Computer Science faculty at NM Tech until he retired in 2014.

John’s death affected many people in many ways.  He had built a vast network of similarly driven people all over the country and communicated with every individual according to their interests, be that computers or cooking or his love of birds or singing with the New Mexico Symphonic Chorus.  His interests ran the gamut of subjects and it was rare that he could not add something to a person’s already broad knowledge. 

This scholarship is intended to recognize this kind of potential in students who can peer into the future and use their education in the computer science profession to improve lives through technology.


Donations may be sent to:

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