Intramural Sports

Our year-round Intramural sports program includes Indoor and Outdoor Soccer, Indoor Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball. These sports will vary from year to year and are dependant on student interest. 

Intramural Registration: Registration dates are published and distributed prior to the beginning of each semester. Entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Community members are welcome to play in the Intramural program. Community members MUST posess a current, valid gym membership or pay an Intramural fee of $10.00/ league/season in order to play. Faculty and staff are also encouraged to participate. 

 Individual Registration: Individuals without a team on which to play may also sign up during registration. Free Agent rosters are posted in the gym for the current sports. We will try to match each free agent with their desired sport

Use of Alcohol or Other Drugs: The use of alcohol or other drugs is strictly prohibited at the Gym and athletic facilities. Players and spectators possessing alcohol or drugs, or suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, will be told to leave the area. Refer to the Student Handbook for general campus rules.

Game Equipment: Most game equipment for intramural activities is supplied by the Department of Physical Recreation. If a team wishes to use their own equipment, it is fine to do so, as long as it is shared with the opposing team. Softball is the only sport in which only a TECH softball and wooden bat are to be used. 


Fall Indoor Schedules        2017 Tournament Schedule 

Volleyball                                                             Volleyball

Co-Rec Soccer                                                    Soccer A & Soccer B 

Basketball                                                           Basketball