Please Note: You must apply for changes to the I-20 or any legal documents thirty (30) days prior to the date needed to allow for ample time to complete your application. (Example: If you are traveling out of the country, you must apply for an extension 30 days prior to the date you will be leaving).


Helpful Forms

Emergency Contact Info: Form to provide the details of two people, both U.S-based and out of country, who can be contacted should you require emergency assistance. 

F-1 / J-1 Extension of I-20 or DS-2019: Form to extend your I-20 if you need to remain in the country to complete your studies past the I-20's expiration.

I-94 Fact Sheet: Fact sheet on the automation of the I-94, and how it affects you and your time in the United States.

International Student Information Form: Informational form the school keeps on file of your legal and emergency information.

International Student Request Form: Official form to request an I-20, support letters, social security, or other documentation from the school.

Office of International and Exchange Programs Policy Statement: Policy outlining important definitions and requirements for the International Program.

Payment Options: Instructions on the different ways you can make payments as an International Student, including online, over the phone, or through a payment plan.

Socorro Hotels Contact Info: Phone numbers for all the local hotels, where you can stay until on-campus housing has been officiated. 


Social Security

How to Get a Social Security Card: Instructions on how to apply for and receive a Social Security card, which is required for the New Mexico Tech payroll process.

On Campus Employment Certification: Form for Social Security application certifying that a student is enrolled at Tech and employed at Tech.

Social Security Application Form: The official government application for receiving a Social Security card.

Social Security Receipt Letter Example: Sample letter you would receive upon successfully applying for a Social Security Card.



Documents to Travel With Checklist: A list of documents you should always have on hand any time you travel by plane.

SEVIS_Figures_for_2016.pdf: Expense estimates for the Spring 2016 semester.

SEVIS Holiday Travel Message: Information on preparing for traveling out of and into the United States during the holiday season.



Application for Readmission: Official form for reapplying to Tech if you have not been continuously enrolled at the university.

How to Prepare Documents to Send to NMT: Instructions on the proper preparation of the forms involved in the admissions process.

Making a Successful Admission:The steps and processes for successfully being admitted into the United States.

New Mexico Tech Acceptance of Admission Statement: Form to officially accept your admittance into New Mexico Tech.



Insurance Verification Form: Form verifying that you are responsible for your own insurance and that NMT has no liability towards your medical expenses. 

Proof of Insurance: Instructions on how to provide proof of insurance to the university.


Campus Life 

Certificate of Financial Responsibility: Document confirming that you meet the financial support requirements to be an International Student at Tech.


Finding Employment as an International Student: Instructions on how to find a job on or off campus as an International Student.

In-State Residency Application: Instructions on how to petition for in-state tuition at Tech.

International Student Certification Document: Document confirming you understand and acknowledge all the scholarly requirements of being an International Student at Tech.

International Wiring Instructions: Instructions on how to wire money from an out of country account.

Reduced Course Load Request Form: Form to petition for a reduced workload if you cannot meet the full time student requirement that all International students are required to uphold.

Socorro Housing Contact Sheet: List of phone numbers of realtors and landlords you can contact to find off campus housing in Socorro.

Work on Campus Documentation Instructions: Instructions and what documents you need to work on campus and where to take them.