Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning

Mission Statement

 The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (The Center) is dedicated to the support and advancement of teaching and learning at New Mexico Tech. The Center works with individual faculty, departments and the academic administration to:

  • Enhance our New Mexico Tech community that values teaching and learning

  • Support and encourage innovation in student learning and instructional technologies

  • Promote student success


The Center will:

  • Support faculty as teachers

  • Provide a central location for resources about successful teaching and learning practices

  • Research innovative approaches to teaching and learning

  • Facilitate faculty discussions about teaching and learning


Recent Workshops


Talking in Triangles

Why and how should STEM researchers communicate effectively to non­‐STEM audiences?


 Workshop for all NMT STEM Researchers

  • For faculty and students, presented Friday, November 2, 2012

  • By Dan Agan, co‐leader of the recent NSF‐sponsored “Science: Becoming the Messenger”
    nationwide workshops and of “Engineering Effective Communication” at a recent
    American Society for Mechanical Engineers conference.


What NMT Participants Said About NSF‐Sponsored “Science: Becoming the Messenger”
Workshop, Co-Lead by Dan Agan

Thom Guengerich, NMT Public Information Officer:Talking in Triangles with Dan Agan
"Dan Agan leads an eye-opening workshop that puts
science communication into a clear perspective. I found
his enthusiasm to be infectious and motivating."

Lorie Liebrock, Dean of Graduate Studies and
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering:

"The NSF 'Becoming the Messenger' workshop helped
STEM researchers understand how to communicate
science to a lay audience in a way that responsibly
shows the impact that science can have on the
general public.

In addition to providing information, this engaging workshop
had scientists craft their messages and demonstrated
with live interviews of scientists how to interact with the
media in optimizing message delivery."

The Talking in Triangles workshop was sponsored by the Offices of Research & Economic Development, Academic Affairs, Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning (SES Title V DOE Grant), and PPOHA Title V DOE Grant.