Cooperative Education/Internships

 Cooperative Education/Internship Program


The Cooperative Education/Internship Program is a three-way partnership among the employer, the student, and the University. The program is designed to provide experienced-based learning to New Mexico Tech students through employment in practical, curriculum-related work assignments structured to meet students’ interests, abilities, and aptitudes while meeting employers' staffing needs.


In order to be considered for the Cooperative Education/Internship Program, ALL application materials must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the desired start date of the student’s workphase.


Materials may be submitted to Career Services in person, electronically or by mail to:

New Mexico Tech

Attn: Career Services

801 Leroy Place

Socorro, NM 87801




Become a partner in the cooperative educational/internship program and play a major role in the educational process by offering work assignments to a New Mexico Tech Student.


Required Employer Documents 


1.    Employer Agreement

2.       Copy of employer offer letter to student which includes:

a.       Proposed beginning and ending day/month/year of work assignment

b.      Proposed work schedule in hours-per-week

c.       Confirmation of salary

3.       Detailed job description from employer (duties must be closely related to the student's course of study). This may be submitted separately or included in the offer letter.



Student Eligibility


·         Must a full-time, degree-seeking student of New Mexico Tech

·         Must be in good academic standing

o        Undergraduate minimum gpa of 2.7

o        Graduate minimum gpa of 3.0

·         Must have completed 30 undergraduate semester hours 

·         Students may not participate in a Co-Op during their final semester prior to graduation

·         Duties of the Co-Op position must be closely student's field of study

·         Co-Ops may be approved for 3-8 months

·         Should the employer terminate the student during the Co-Op work phase, the student’s Co-Op Agreement will be void.


Required Student Documents

  1. Program Application
  2. Schedule Plan
  3. Registration Form
  4. Transcript Request Form

Additional Relevant Student Information

  • Students approved for a Co-Op need to meet with a Financial Aid Representative prior to starting their Work Phase in order to verify their financial aid status.
  • Upon approval from their department, students may participate in additional Directed Study coursework related to their Co-Op for academic credit.
    •  The directed study course cannot be taken in lieu of an approved Co-Op and cannot be taken in lieu of the 408 Work Phase course
    • Directed study courses are optional and coordinated outside of Career Services with the student’s department and the Registrar.