Assessment/Student Learning Evaluation

Assessment is the Evaluation of Student Learning

Woit_090911_312At New Mexico Tech, we want to know the percentage of our students
who are learning what we are teaching. With this information, we
explore, pilot, adjust and incorporate teaching and learning methods 
and technologies that will aid in the achievement of learning outcomes
by motivated students.


Student Learning Evaluation refers to calculating the percentage
of students who are competent in each Learning Outcome as defined
by the discipline, each academic department, and also co-curricular
programs. This information is determined by a quantitative method
created by each department and not by grades.

Departments and offices measure how well students are achieving the outcomes for their Graduate Programs, Undergraduate Programs (Majors), and General Education Core Curriculum programs. Departments determine the benchmark percentage that shows acceptable student level of achievement in each competency; if this percentage falls below the benchmark number, Departments report plans for adjustment for improvement.

Tech uses the term Student Learning Evaluation, also known as Assessment. The term Assessment can be viewed as carrying the connotation that instructors and their teaching abilities are being assessed. While instructors and their teaching methods and abilities are a factor in how well students are learning program outcomes, there are other factors that might result in students not demonstrating that they have learned the stated outcomes. Departments can explore factors affecting student learning by collecting data and charting trends on each Learning Outcome.

Academic Standards At New Mexico Tech

At New Mexico Tech, we uphold high academic standards. Our Student Learning Outcomes reflect the academic standards expected from our students. Faculty teach according to academic standards that reflect our institute Mission and that are expected by a reputable and leading higher education institution.


Academic Standards Agencies Requiring Student Learning Assessment
and Reporting from New Mexico Tech

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) -- Accreditation agency for all curricular and co-curricular programs of New Mexico Tech. We report assessment information to the HLC for the following:  
  • General Education Core Curriculum
  • Undergraduate Majors
  • Graduate Programs
  • Co-curricular Programs 
"The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) is an independent corporation and one of two commission members of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA), which is one of six regional institutional accreditors in the United States. The Higher Learning Commission accredits degree-granting post-secondary educational institutions in the North Central region.” (http://www.ncahlc.org/)


The New Mexico Higher Education Department (NMHED) -- Academic standards regulation agency for General Education Core Curriculum of New Mexico Tech. We report to the NMHED for the following:  

  • General Education Core Curriculum

“The Department is committed to developing and coordinating relevant policies, programs and services that provide advocacy and support to enable all New Mexicans to succeed in reaching their full potential through higher education. In coordination with the institutions of higher education throughout New Mexico, we will work to ensure that New Mexico has the ability to compete in the global workforce.” (http://www.hed.state.nm.us/)