People You Know, June - Nov. 2001


Greg Friberg (75, BS, math; 75, BS, computer science; 83, MS, computer science) writes, "After getting my master's, I got married and moved to Las Cruces, N.M., where I have lived ever since. I worked for several contractors at White Sands, but due to the incompetence of those I worked with, I always ending up being promoted to supervisor or manager, stressing out because I hated it, and quitting. After several nervous breakdowns I divorced my wife and quit working altogether. Now I seem to be able to handle life (finally!!!) as long as I take my daily dose of Prozac."

"I now spend my time taking care of my 91-year-old father, Martin (Flash) Friberg, who was a professor of mathematics at Tech from 1951 to 1975; taking care of my daughter, Sara, 13, soon to be sophomore at Mayfield High (skipped 3rd and 8th grade); and building a business restoring classic cars. I've got four acres on Highway 70 just outside of Las Cruces with one of the biggest classic car junk yards in the Southwest.|"


Dr. Stephen Malkowski (92, BS, biology) writes, "After graduating from Tech, I entered medical school at UNM where, after eight years, I completed an M.D./Ph.D. I spent the last year as a post-doctoral fellow at Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute in Albuquerque. I am moving to Portland, Ore. to start an internal medicine residency. In 1999, I married Theresa O'Donaughy. We have a one year old son, Calvin."

Travis Nelson (97, BS, environmental engr.) and Jocelyn Nelson (97, BS, TC) report, "We are happy to announce the arrival of our wonderful baby, Connor Ryan He arrived on May 17, and weighed in at 8 lbs. 4 oz. and 21 inches long.

Sgt. Joseph Stroud (97, BS, geology) is a member of the New Mexico Air National Guard. Last year, during the Cerro Grande fires near Los Alamos, he volunteered to assist with the financial aspects of supporting the operation. For his efforts, he was awarded the New Mexico Distinguished Service Medal. This year, he was selected to be the accounting liaison for the Air National Guard with the Defense Finance Operating Location in Limestone, Maine. He is the first Air Guardsperson in the nation's history to be selected for such a position.

Joe writes, "I will miss the state of New Mexico when I move, but this is a rare opportunity that only comes knocking once in a great while in a person's life and I am honored to have been selected for it."