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Every year the New Mexico Tech Research Foundation gives nearly $800,000 to the general scholarship fund for New Mexico Tech students.  Since 1997 the Foundation has given more than $7 million dollars in scholarship money for students and aid to professors.  These scholarships are merit based. Scholarship levels are determined by the incoming students’ high school G.P.A. and ACT test scores.  The awards that freshmen receive (Presidential, Silver, Gold, Tech Transfer, Transfer Excel, Regents, Copper, and PTK awards) are paid for, in part, by the New Mexico Tech Research Foundation.

Many studious New Mexico Tech students are able to avoid student loans due to these merit-based scholarships.

For list of scholarships sponsored by the Foundation see the Full List.

Allison Baca

Allison Baca:

The Presidential Scholarship Award made such a difference for me while I was attending New Mexico Tech. The award covered the majority of my expenses and I was able to focus primarily on my coursework. I successfully completed all required courses and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. With the education I received from New Mexico Tech, I went on to earn a Master of Science in Forensic Science from the University of California, Davis. I now work for the State of California Department of Justice Riverside Laboratory as a Criminalist.


Brian Stanley:

As a recipient of funds made available through the NMT Research Foundation, I cannot speak highly enough of the opportunities made available to me during my time at New Mexico Tech. My name is Brian Stanley, and I graduated from NMT in 2013 with a B.S. in mechanical engineering. In 2007, I received a Presidential Scholarship made possible, in part, from the Foundation. During my time at NMT, I was able to participate in many exciting events to further my education and inspire future generations of engineers and scientists. One of my best memories of NMT is leading a team of mechanical engineering students that designed and built a prototype of a small data collector that will be used with unmanned aerial vehicles in the military. The education made available to students at NMT is truly high caliber, and contributions like those made to the NMT Research Foundation continue to promote science and engineering at the highest level. During my fourth year at NMT I decided to pursue the field of optometry and vision science, adding a minor in biology to my degree. I am currently studying to be an optometrist at the University of Houston, College of Optometry in Houston, Texas, and will graduate in 2017. If you have donated to the NMT Research Foundation in the past or are thinking of giving, thank you for your generosity!

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